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XTline Groove Milling Extension 125mm (Milling Grinder)

XTline Groove Milling Extension 125mm (Milling Grinder)
Product code XT105315
EAN 8592021240913
Producer XTline
Maximum protection due to a closed cover. The handle ensures easier and more comfortable cutting operation, fast and easy blade replacement. The nozzle provides dust extraction.

O značce XTline

XTline mark was registered on the European market in October 2008 and presented tools for general use. Their quality meets the requirements for use in both hard operation as well as for use with a large group of local masters. Tools XTline outstanding quality of using materials and processing technologies. Stress tests have demonstrated the ability to use the tools every day with no issues. Also with their ergonomics and attractive design, the brnad has found many supporters at home and abroad.

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