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KWAZAR Pressure Hand Sprayer VENUS Super - 1.0L

KWAZAR Pressure Hand Sprayer VENUS Super - 1.0L
Product code JAD6264
EAN 5904447007965
Producer KWAZAR
Designed for work at households and gardens (balcony, deck, garden bed, flower pots and small bushes). O-rings are made of NBR material with the temperature tolerance of -30° to +100°C, and temporary up to +120°C. Good wear resistance and versatile use. O-rings resistance: aliphatic hydrocarbons (propane, butane, gasoline, mineral oils and fats, diesel, fuel oil, kerosene), vegetable and animal fats and oils, pressure fluids HFA, HFB, HFC, compressed air dilute acids and alkalis. Not resistant to: fuels with a high content of aromatic hydrocarbons (super, benzene), chlorinated hydrocarbons (trichlorethylene), polar solvents (ketones, acetone), strong acids, brake fluids based on ozone glycol, weather and aging.

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