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HONITON Roller cabinet with tools 215pcs 680x458x860mm

HONITON Roller cabinet with tools 215pcs 680x458x860mm
Product code HA230
EAN 8592021151332
Producer HONITON
size: 680x458x860mm, ejecting drawers: 40cm, dvawer capacity: 20kg, total weight 57kg, total capacity 140kg, wheels, 2 drawers: 573x406x154mm, 5 drawers: 573x406x75mm
HA003 hex socket heads 1/4" 53 pcs
HA021-1 half moon spanner set 5 pcs - plastic plate
HA015 combination spanner set 16 pcs - plastic plate
HA020 combination spanner set 4 pcs - plastic plate
HA068 double ring spanner set 8 pcs - plastic plate
HA071 flare nut spanner set 6 pcs - plastic plate
HA077 spark plug socket 3/" a 1/2" 5 pcs - plastic plate
HA080 socket bit TORX 1/2" 20 pcs - plastic plate
HA081 hex socket bit set 1/2" 16pcs - plastic plate
HA082 SPLINE socket bit set 1/2" 12 pcs - plastic plate
HA030-001 pliers set 3pcs - plastic plate
HA040-001 pliers set 4pcs - plastic plate
HA100-001 screwdriver set 10pcs - plastic plate
HA090-001 tool set 9pcs - plastic plate
HA078 hex key set, T-handle 8 pcs - plastic plate
HA079 torx screwdriver set 9pcs - plastic plate

O značce HONITON

HONITON Company was founded in 1979. Is the leading global manufacturer of hand tools, specializing in the production of key sets of sockets. In 2004, developed and patented product line “HONIDRIVER” which includes tightening heads, combination and ratchet. Every product is certified DIN code, which gives it recognition around the world.

They follow the trends in the production of hand tools and develop more new products based on those trends. That’s why HONITON, thanks to the production of hand tools have treir own stable position. Good products through strict control for maximum customer satisfaction, innovation and product development for the company HONITON important! If you are looking for credibility and strong manufacturing of hand tools, thn the HONITON the best in the industry.

Quality Certificate HONITON
Based on tests in the Engineering Institute was created certificate that confirms the following standards.
DIN 3112:2007 DIN 3113:2007 DIN 3122:1989
DIN 3123:1989 DIN 3124:1980 DIN ISO 691:2007
DIN ISO 2351-1:2007

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