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In this section we offer a large range of tools, tool sets and accessories needed for drilling and cutting metal, wood, plastics and building materials. The main aim is to offer a quality tested tool for a very reasonable price.

Top products in this section are first class XTline drills with SDS plus (Special Direct System guarantees easy changing of drill without the necessary use of additional tools). SDS drills are provided with enlarged helix with a very fast removal of drilled brash. The extra short drill head ensures direct removal of drilled material into a helix and reduces risk of clogging. Selfcentering tip then ensures easier start of drilling and aggresive cutting angles faster the drill.

Further, you can choose from tools such as sets of hole saws or various types of wood drills.

STAVTOOL Screw extractor set, 3-18 mm, 5 pcs.

STAVTOOL Screw extractor set, 3-18 mm, 5 pcs.20385

STAVTOOL Wood drill 10x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 10x40020730

STAVTOOL Wood drill 8x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 8x40020731

STAVTOOL Wood drill 12x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 12x40020732

STAVTOOL Wood drill 14x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 14x40020733

STAVTOOL Wood drill 16x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 16x40020734

STAVTOOL Wood drill 18x400

STAVTOOL Wood drill 18x40020735

STAVTOOL Wood drill 8x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 8x60020736

STAVTOOL Wood drill 10x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 10x60020737

STAVTOOL Wood drill 12x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 12x60020738

STAVTOOL Wood drill 14x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 14x60020739

STAVTOOL Wood drill 16x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 16x60020740

STAVTOOL Wood drill 18x600

STAVTOOL Wood drill 18x60020741

STAVTOOL Router bit, 15 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 15 mm7011015

STAVTOOL Router bit, 20 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 20 mm7011020

STAVTOOL Router bit, 25 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 25 mm7011025

STAVTOOL Router bit, 30 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 30 mm7011030

STAVTOOL Router bit, 35 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 35 mm7011035

STAVTOOL Router bit, 40 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 40 mm7011040

STAVTOOL Router bit, 45 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 45 mm7011045

STAVTOOL Router bit, 50 mm

STAVTOOL Router bit, 50 mm7011050

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/40

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/40BS115040

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/60

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/60BS115060

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/80

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/80BS115080

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/100BS115100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/120

STAVTOOL Flap disc 115/120BS115120

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/40

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/40BS125040

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/60

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/60BS125060

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/80

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/80BS125080

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/100BS125100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/120

STAVTOOL Flap disc 125/120BS125120

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/40

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/40BS150040

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/60

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/60BS150060

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/80

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/80BS150080

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/100BS150100

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/120

STAVTOOL Flap disc 150/120BS150120

XTline grinding disc 115/40

XTline grinding disc 115/40BZ115040

XTline grinding disc 115/60

XTline grinding disc 115/60BZ115060

XTline grinding disc 115/80

XTline grinding disc 115/80BZ115080

XTline grinding disc 115/100

XTline grinding disc 115/100BZ115100

XTline grinding disc 115/120

XTline grinding disc 115/120BZ115120

XTline grinding disc 125/40

XTline grinding disc 125/40BZ125040

XTline grinding disc 125/60

XTline grinding disc 125/60BZ125060

XTline grinding disc 125/80

XTline grinding disc 125/80BZ125080

XTline grinding disc 125/100

XTline grinding disc 125/100BZ125100

XTline grinding disc 125/120

XTline grinding disc 125/120BZ125120

XTline grinding disc 150/40

XTline grinding disc 150/40BZ150040

XTline grinding disc 150/60

XTline grinding disc 150/60BZ150060

XTline grinding disc 150/80

XTline grinding disc 150/80BZ150080

XTline grinding disc 150/100

XTline grinding disc 150/100BZ150100

XTline grinding disc 150/120

XTline grinding disc 150/120BZ150120

WD 40 Graphite vaseline 400ml

WD 40 Graphite vaseline 400mlCY-879850

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 115

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 115HBL115

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 125

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 125HBL125

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 150

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 150HBL150

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 115x22,2

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 115x22,2HCO115

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 125x22,2

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 125x22,2HCO125

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 150x22,2

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 150x22,2HCO150

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 180x22,2

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 180x22,2HCO180

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 230x22,2

XTline Diamond blade continous rim 230x22,2HCO230

Other brands of XTline group

  • Corona
  • Stavtool